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QAsh 1800

QAsh 1800

Express Microwave Ashing System

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QAsh system achieves ashing by combining the in-site airflow with the microwave. The system can accommodate a high number of samples and is suited for ashing polymers, food, oil, sludge, pulp and many other types of sample.


Ashing System With Furnace

QAsh Offers

  • Ashing time is reduced up to 90%
  • Consistently produces ashing
  • Provides a safe environment to work
  • Has a small footprint, which saves lab space
  • Ashing processes get documented
  • A choice for crucible material.
  • Handles 9-50 ml crucible materials in a batch
  • Achieves 10000C in 25 minutes
  • 1800 watts of microwave energy.
  • Produces microwave energy of 1800 watts
  • Performs multi-step heating of samples
  • User-friendly LED bar temperature display
  • Works on UPS in case of a power cut

Faster & Consistent

Microwaves with SiC can produce high temperature at a faster rate as compared to those old electrical heating furnaces. QAsh has air let controlled by software inside the ashing chamber that fuels the process of ashing. The air introduced at the source pushes the ashing by-products out and the alumina fiber ashing chamber helps in retaining heat. This is how the system performs an efficient ashing process. The vertically placed SiC plates conjuncts with ceramic insulation and provides equal temperature across the chamber. The R type thermocouple is encapsulated with a chemical resistant material and the temperature measures according to the range of 250C to 12000 C.


Cleaner & Cooler

The software controlled nitrogen gas or air compressor is introduced in the chamber to send the fumes out. The external blower and fan purge the hot gas from the microwave for safe disposal of waste, which results in a cleaner and cooler system. This provides a comfortable working environment. The filter trap on the exhaust port is to prevent particulate matter and other by-products from entering inside the exhaust fan, which gradually increases the life span of the fan.

User-Friendly Software Control

  • Easy ashing recipe with multi-step heating system and air control setting
  • Provides weight of the sample and % of ash content
  • Displays ashing process time and thermal changes graphically.
  • Displays the process time and graphical picture of thermal changes
  • Provides manual panel control for various functions
  • Ashing data is collected and stored in tabular formats for viewing it in future

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