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QPrep Automated Workstation


Automated Workstation

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The QPrep Automated Workstation provides an integrated solution for precise sample Laboratory dilutions, Liquid Transfers, dispensing and other Automated Liquid Handling Systems functions for the laboratory. The system is designed to handle precise reagent delivery for a large number of samples in multiple rack configurations. Automating the handling of expensive and hazardous chemicals helps to increase the profitability and safety of the laboratory. The QPrep is controlled by a PC and the software is easy to use and customize for standard and unique applications.


• With the internal standards, it spikes the sample
• It formulates the QC standards and calibration
• It performs aliquot transfers and serial dilutions
• It does precise and consistent reagent addition


QPrep Offers

  • It is designed to handle reagents with 0.02 ml accuracy
  • It offers 5 ml to 25 ml of syringe capacity
  • For the peristaltic pump, it offers a reagent flow rate of 0.5 to 2 ml/sec
  • Without compromising the accuracy speed dispensing is attained with the assistance of continuous flow syringe pump.
  • It handles HF solutions.
  • For the purpose of the accuracy of vial access and ease of cleaning it performs PTFE-coated graphite probe
  • At the same time, it is capable of accepting multiple types and sizes of racks
  • Accuracy, flexibility, and speed is achieved with the help of the unique combined action of the peristaltic pump and syringe pump
  • It is developed with the user-specified methodology with integrated PC software
  • Corrosion and contamination is prevented as it is developed with the all-plastic design


  • Has the capacity to accommodate 6 standard autosampler racks
  • In order to hold QC standards, an option of a customized rack is provided
  • It can be quite easily configured to accommodate a wide selection of racks
  • There is an option of HEPA filter enclosure
  • In order to support QPrep, PC and reagent bottles an option of the mobile stand is available

The assistance of the mass spectrometry is sort in order to reduce the sample in ionic form and to adjust the concentrations with respect to the spectrometer. And all samples require some sort of preparation prior to study or analysis. The purpose of opting for the mass spectrometry analysis is due to the accurate result it produces. In order to attain accurate results, it is highly necessary to accomplish a proper sample preparation as it is quite critical for mass spectrometry analysis. As the sample preparation has significant impact on the results from mass spectrometry systems, instruments the quality and reproducibility of sample extraction and preparation becomes very substantial.


Questron’s QPrep, Automated Liquid Handling and Dispensing System at any throughput level minimize the time period consumed on repetitive pipetting tasks. Standing up with multiple Automated Liquid Handling System requirements we offer systems which are picture perfect for average or high throughput applications.
When it comes to performing analytical procedures, Automated Sample preparation becomes very essential. Liable on the objectives and subjects of analysis the impact of errors caused by sample preparation may be lesser or grander than those caused by analysis. This makes the process of sample preparation very important. Generally, almost in all analysis, only a portion or a part of the sample undergoes the analysis. And the results obtained are used to represent the total composite of the sample.


With QPrep discover the ultimate in precision engineering, performance, and craftsmanship. Its modular design allows the lab to optimize storage, device integration, and transport space without sacrificing deck space. As a result, rely our Automated Sample Preparation system for Liquid Handling, Dilution, Sampling, and Transfers to process more samples in less time without risk of error or variability.

Questron’s QPrep, the Automated Sample Preparation System, reduces the resource allocation for repetitive processes such as Liquid Transfers to analysis devices and Laboratory dilution, which results in enhanced laboratory productivity. This opens up the way to reallocate or reuse the lab staff to carry out critical tasks such as reporting, data analysis or notebook documentation. With the assistance of the automated procedures, you will be able to ensure the safety of an analyst by eliminating or minimizing exposure to menacing chemical reagents and samples


With QPrep you can experience an outstanding precision in engineering, performance, and the craftsmanship. It paves way for the labs to optimize device integration, storage and transport space without having to sacrifice the deck space. This is possible due to the modular design of our products. To process a larger amount of samples in a short span of time by eliminating the risk of error or variability rely on our Automated Sample Preparation system for Liquid Handling, Dilution, Sampling, and Transfers.

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